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According to any dictionary, the definition of the word "disability" is composed of words that revolve around the idea of not being able to do anything.  And when applied to a human being, it is often meant to imply a human who cannot do anything.

I don't know about you, but I have never met, seen, or heard of a human who cannot do anything.  Society places such inferences upon people who are unemployed; "They're doing nothing with their life."  People who like to play video games; "They sit around and to nothing."  And people with medical conditions; "They can't stand up or run a marathon, so they must be doing nothing."  Last time I checked, these were all forms of "doing something," whether it means enjoying gaming or using a wheelchair to get around.  No one does nothing.   

In the case of disability, society often views it as a permanent state.  And yes, the condition (as in my case, CMT) may be permanent, but disability is simply a mindset and a temporary one, if that.  

Having a "disability" does not mean being disabled.  It is just a different ABILITY, giving one more powers than they ever realized.  This includes getting to see life from a new perspective, teaching others that having a medical condition is not the end of the world simply by living your life the best that you can.

~Misa on Wheels (


Misa on Wheels
United States
Stamp - I Love Goldfish by blk-kitti

I love life, cosplay, the wonderful guy in my life (Wakka to my Lulu <3), my Pomeranian, and my fishies ever so much more! ^_^

Other sites:…

I am in college studying psychology, which has always fascinated me from a young age, watching Silence of the Lambs at age 5 and being thoroughly intrigued by every moment. I was also born with an odd condition, which affects my lower legs and arms (and that is ALL), making them rather weak, called CMT. So if you're wondering why I have arms like a Tim Burton character, there's your answer. I also use a wheelchair because I tend to fall like a baby deer when I go to stand up. So yeah, that makes me part cyborg too. ^_^

I love meeting new people. I was a gamer before it was "cool" to be and was the one to introduce the males in my family to console gaming. Of course, they are all jocks, so it didn't last too long, but at least I can say I tried. But alas, it is my passion, my thrill, and a huge part of my life...along with anime, cosplay, elves, dogs, etc. I really, really love elves and am partially convinced that I am part elf.

A list containing some of my favorite games:

-Bioshock 2
-Shadow of the Colossus
-Overlord II
-Fallout 3
-The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time
-Star Wars: Battlefront
-Star Wars: Jedi Power Battles
-Dead Space
-Spyro the Dragon
-The Nightmare Before Christmas: Ooogie's Revenge
-Soul Calibur IV
-Grand Theft Auto 3
-Grand Theft Auto Vice City
-Final Fantasy VI
-Final Fantasy VII
-Final Fantasy VIII
-Final Fantasy IX
-Final Fantasy X
-Final Fantasy X-2
-Final Fantasy XII
-Final Fantasy XIII
-Kingdom Hearts I
-Kingdom Hearts II
-God of War
-Arcana Heart
-Chrono Trigger
-Chrono Cross
-Gex: Deep Cover Gecko
-Super Mario 64
-Croc I
-Croc II
-The Sims
-Resident Evil series
-Silent Hill
-Pokemon Yellow
-The THPS series
-Valkyria Chronicles
-Fatal Frame
-Clock Tower 3
-No One Can Stop Mr. Domino
-Destroy All Humans
-Thrasher: Skate & Destroy
-Rogue Galaxy

Current Residence: NH
Favourite cartoon character: Spongebob Squarepants
Personal Quote: This is MY story...

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